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Orchha Tourism

Orchha tourism will help you to provide all the information Magnificent about Orchha, Orchha Tourist Attraction, History Of Orchha, Orchha Restaurant, Sightseeing, Map, Images, Weather, How to reach Orchha and popular places orchha etc.
About Orchha

About Orchha

Several historic facts of inform readers about Orchha. One main part of orchha tourism is orchha history. Orchha is a fantastic little town placed in Tikamgarh District of Madhya Pradesh. Orchha is a pre state in Bundelkhand area basks in beautiful River Betwa. The river is very Ostensible and is surrounded by some beautiful hidden resorts at preside, small Chattris and national forest on the other side. The flow in the river was pretty heavy with bunch of rapids which makes it a perfect place for white water rafting, however this sport is not well developed here. It's all natural beauty. The view during sunset were amazing. This river carries a lot of emotions and sentiments of the dwellers of the place.

Orchha Tourist Attractions

Orchha Tourist Attraction

Raja Ram Temple, Jahangir Mahal, Sunder Mahal, Rai Praveen Mahal, Jangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, Laxminarayan Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple, Cenetophs, Phul Bagh etc. are the popular Orchha Tourist Attractions. These are the part of orchha tourism.

History of Orchha

History Of Orchha

Past of Madhya Pradesh is very great. A Place that having such a relodent history is a medivial city of orchha. Orchha is very aesthetic Chronicles. The marvelous palaces and beautiful temples display outstanding frescos. It makes the viewers spellbound how precisely the paintings are done on the walls. In the history of Orchha Bundelkhand segment was famous as one erstwhile princely state Madhya Pradesh focuses on the city's illustrious past Barons Bundela head Rudra Pratap Singh way return Orchha attracts large numbers of tourists and pilgrims in the 16th century. Orchha's grandeur has been captured in stone. It appears to be frozen in time, and is a rich legacy.

Restaurant in Orchha

Restaurant in Orchha

There are a much of small amazing road restaurants near the starting to the palaces, serving inexpensive Indian, Asian and assorted "Western" recipes.

Orchha Sightseeing

Orchha Sightseeing

Orchha Temples and Palaces are the main Orchha Tourist Attractions. Raja Ram Temple Orchha, Chaturbhuj Temple Orchha, Laxmi Narayan Temple Orchha etc are the famous temples in Orchha and Sunder Mahal, Rai Praveen Mahal, JAHANGIR Mahal, Raj Mahal etc. are the popular orchha tourist attractions are the part of orchha tourism. Cenetophs, Phul Bagh are also popular places for orchha sightseeing. Once the capital of Bundelas (northern Madha Pradesh), this tiny little town - little more than a couple of streets - is a magical place, with huge palaces, temples and cenotaphs. The palaces are on an island outcrop in the middle of the meandering river, approached by a splendid medieval bridge. From the palaces there are lovely panoramic views across a gentle rolling landscape of woods and fields, with a profusion of spires and domes

Maps of Orchha

Map of Orchha

Explore the aerial photos of Orchha in India and also locate places in Orchha and Orchha hotels from the map which is use for orchha tourism. Orchha tourism helps you to explore maps of UOrchha. Get Detailed information on orchha map and location through...

Orchha Images

Orchha Images

Explore the photos of Orchha in India and also locate places in hotels. Orchha tourism helps you to explore Orchha images.

Weather in Orchha

Weather In Orchha

Weather in Orchha is very hot and humid at the lower altitudes. Very hot summers and quite chilling winter is a weather in orchha. In summer the mercury rises up to around 48 degree Celsius whereas winter sets in between December to February and the temperature shuttles between 25 degrees on the maximum and 9 degree centigrade minimum.

How to Reach Orchha

How To Reach Orchha

Orchha is not directly conected by any mode of transportation be it airways, railways or roadways with any important city of the country. The easiest way to reach the town is via Jhansi, Khajuraho or Gwalior.

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