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Temples of Orchha

Orchha is famous for its Palace and Temple.ram raja temple orchha, chaturbhuj temple orchha, laxminarayan temple orchha are the historic temples of orchha.

Temples Of Orchha

Popular Temples Of Orchha are as follows:

Ram Raja Temple Of Orchha

Ram Raja Temple Orchha

This was built by Madhukar Shah in the 16th century, as a Palace for his principal queen. Legend has it that she went to distant place and brought back a sacred idol of Lord Rama, The seventh incarnation of the Preserver, with the intension of installing it in the chaturbhuj Temple of orchha. But the temple is not ready to receive the idol so she kept it in her palace. However the time came to install in the temple, it refused to budge and no force to get it to move So it was left here, the palace become a temple, and lord rama is worshipped as a king enthroned in the palace of his choosing. He wears the turban of royalty. His queen, Sita wears a crown, and his loyal brother Lakshman is dressed as a prince. The silver door in the front of sanctum is decorated with two elephant heads. On the lintel of the doors is a silver Ganesh and above this icon is the silver emblem of the sun. Lord Rama have been descended from the sun.

Ram Raja Temple is a wellknown orchha temple. It is a holy hindu pilgrimage.A large number of devotees regularly visits this orchha temple.Daily 1500 to 3000 peoples visit Ram Raja Temple.Annual domestic tourist number is 650,000 and annual foreigner tourist number is 25,000. On Hindu festivals like makar sankaranti, vasant panchami, shivratri, ram navami , kartik purnima and vivaha panchami the number of devotees are visits orchha temples. In Orchha, as well as the whole country, this is the only temple where Lord Ram is worshipped as a king and that also in a palace. A Guard of Honour is held everyday, police personnel have been designated as Guards at the temple, much in the manner of a king.Today every first invitation card of hindu wedding in that region is sent to raja ram.

This palace turned temple has a charming legend attached to it. Following the dream-visitation of Rama,the pious Madhukar Shah brought a statue of the god from Ayodhya to his capital. Today, with its soaring spires and palatial architecture, the temple is surely one of the most unusual in India. It is also the only one in the country where Rama is worshipped as a king(Raja). In the temple Sita maata is on the left of rama , brother Laxman is on the right, Maharaj Sugreev and Narsingh Bhagwan on the right. Durga Maa is also present in the darbaar on the right side. Hanumaan and Jamwant are praying just below Maata Sita. The specialty of this temple is that Lord Ram has a sword in his right hand and a shield in the other. Shri Ram is sitting in Padmasan, with the left leg crossed on to the right thigh.

Chaturbhuj Temple Orchha

Chaturbhuj Temple Orchha

Chaturbhuj Temple is situated in Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, India. This temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu.Chaturbhuj is Sanskrit word Chatuhu means Four and Bhuj means arms(The Lord Vishnu has Four Arms.). Built in 875, during the reign of imperial Gurjara Pratihara dynasty, it is constructed within a later colonnade. The temple consists of a sanctum with pancharatha Sikhara, a vestibule and a porch. The temple also has a curved tower with a small porch. Built upon a massive stone platform and reached by a steep flight of steps, the temple was specially constructed to enshrine the image of Rama that remained in the Rama Raja Temple.

This curiously designed temple dominates the town of orchha. It has a central smooth, not ribbed, done much like that a mosque. But it also has rising towers resembling the chhatries or cenotaphs of bundelas. Again, like a mosque, it has a court open to the sky.: a features required by a cingegational religion like islam, but then it also has sanctum as in temples.

Laxminarayan Temple Orchha

Laxminarayan Temple Orchha The Laxminarayan temple, one of the three most important temples in Orchha is an interesting tourist attraction of the place. It displays a perfect and unique mix of temple and fort architecture. Though the temple is dedicated the Goddess Laxmi, there is no idol of the Goddess kept inside the temple.

Laxmi Narayan Temple was build by Vir Singh Deo in 1622 but due to inadequate maintenance the condition of temple is worsened at present.It was reconstructed by Prithvi Singh during 1793. This temple was dedicated to Goddess of wealth, Laxmi, and within the inner chambers of the temple, Vir Singh made arrangements for offering sacrifices for Laxmi. The walls are blank on the outside but they have battelments on top. There are galleries running abound the inner walls surrounding the courtyard, which is open to the sky. In the centre of this courtyard is an octagonal sanctum with a hall in front of it. Most eye-catching features of laxminarayan temple orchha arethe painting adorning the walls of its galleries and the vaulted roof.

The subjects of the paintings are perticularly unusual. While some of them illustrate episodes from the sacred epic, the Ramayana, and of the lord Krishna the eighth incarnation of the Preserver, others depicts mythical, martial and secular scenes. There in an interesting painting of legendary 'Shungi Chirya' the montrous bird that could fly away with elephants capyured in this talons. This could have inspired the Roc of the Arabian Sinbad stories. Then there are paintings of the siege of jhansi fort by the forces of the british east india company.

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